Brook Street tailor Kathryn Sargent creates bespoke designs for both men and women.



Words by Sophia Charalambous


The world’s only female master tailor, Kathryn Sargent offers a contemporary vision to the realm of tailoring.

Unlike most Savile Row tailors, Kathryn, who founded her company in 2012, caters for men and women.

Often, she dresses couples or members of the same family.

With a clientele that spans the globe, the pieces are made according to traditional British craft techniques.

Moreover, they are completely bespoke.


Unique and sustainable

Bespoke tailoring, Kathryn believes, is more of a mindset and value system, than merely a status symbol.

Clients are interested in owning something utterly unique to them, meticulously made by experts.

It is also the ultimate in sustainability, as clients own and wear garments over a number of years.

Kathryn’s consultation focuses on what complements the individual, finding what is best for them.

She works with their shape, reflecting their personality yet being representative of the field they work in.

She tries moving them into different fabrics, linings and shapes to help their confidence and impact in the professional environment.

Last year, Kathryn even made three white wedding suits for women alongside many female business suits, travel attire, coats and capes.

Capsule approach

For business travel, Kathryn advises both men and women to develop a capsule approach.

This can be pulled together quickly and allows people to feel confident and stylish while concentrating on their work.

Women, she says, should invest in a capsule wardrobe of a jacket and trousers, and a dress or skirt.

Then, it is easy to add layers, different fabrics (rollnecks or silk blouses), or different footwear, scarves or jewellery.

This helps women to accommodate for a variety of situations from the office to presentations or evening receptions.


Kathryn Sargent, No.6 Brook Street, 1st Floor, Mayfair