Make a statement with the new range of high quality cat themed garments from Jermyn Street tailor’s Hilditch & Key.



The bespoke gentlemen’s tailor is celebrating its 120th anniversary by launching a new range featuring lions, tigers and other endangered big cats.

In store for Christmas, the line includes hand-knit cashmere sweaters, English woven silk ties, printed silk pocket squares and Scottish cashmere scarves.

The idea followed a visit to Kent-based charity The Big Cat Sanctuary . They breed endangered cats big and small under the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme.


Save the big cats

The store will donate 20% of the retail purchase price of all the big cat products to the sanctuary.

Steve Miller, CEO of Hilditch & Key, says: “I was first introduced to the outstanding work of the sanctuary about five years ago, when I visited with my family for one of my daughter’s birthdays.”

“The work they are doing there is inspirational, the visit was just fascinating.”

The experience stayed with me. Then, about two years ago, I arranged another meeting with the family behind the sanctuary.

“I’d been thinking for some time how to evolve our strategy and include ranges that appealed directly to our customer’s sense of adventure and to their imagination,” he says.


Jaguars, leopards and cheetahs

The clothes feature the actual big cats kept at the sanctuary.

So there is Maya the jaguar, Kasanga the lion, Puna the tiger, Atara the leopard and Bajrami the cheetah.

“There are five options of cats on the different garments, in a range of colours.

“Ties woven specially, cashmere scarves with the embroidered emblem, hand-made cashmere sweaters made in Scotland.

“There’s a patchwork technique which takes over eight hours to make – they are all very exquisite and unique items,” says Steve.


The new range features in an eye-catching jungle window display, combined with a huge video screen of the cats.


“My favourite cat has got to be Kasanga the lion but they’re all incredibly special. The black jaguar, Maya, when you see her up close, she’s just fabulous. She’ll take your breath away.

“The Big Cat Sanctuary is the inspiration and the philosophy behind the range. If we can generate funds and help them, that will be superb,” says Steve.