Location, Location, Technology

As an asset class, real estate is the largest store of wealth. Yet it has been a laggard in embracing technology. Therefore there’s no bigger industry ‘more ripe’ for technological disruption says Simon Pavitt, COO of the London Technology Club

Occupational therapy

Matthew Flood, head of occupier markets at Landsec – responsible for Victoria’s Nova development – talks to Reyhaan Day about how the company plans to continue its work to revitalise the area post-pandemic

Brand values

With more flexible working practices seen as a result of the pandemic, and wealthy individuals seeking to buy into the quality and high levels of service associated with high-end luxury brands, we look at what’s available.

The Officer

The Officer is a collection of chandeliers designed to bring the ultimate piece of jewellery into a home, says brand ambassador Victoria Christian

The great escape

Last year saw a growing trend for country living, with the pandemic proving a catalyst for many wealthy Londoners

Island Shopping

You can buy a private island for a fraction of the price of a Mayfair pad – and it may be a sounder investment than a superyacht