Groom yourself from top to toe ready at these local beauty emporiums. By Cally Squires and Charlotte Pasha.



Really, Nyumba is the height of chic.

Occupying a prominent spot on Sloane Square, its pleasantly buzzing.

Plus, owner Michael Charalambous is a whizz when it comes to hair.

He snips off the bare minimum at my request. But he manages to make it wonderfully blunt, leaving me with hair that looks much fuller and thicker.

The simultaneous foot massage, courtesy of therapist Diana Chatsatrian, makes it a real treat.

It lasts 30 minutes and involves firm pressure on my feet and lower calves, using a mango and coconut scented massage candle that is blissful.

I’m told I could have my nails done at the same time, while pre-party make-up is another popular option.

Nyumba, 1 Sloane Square.



Neville has a formaldehyde-free Brazilian blow-dry called Goldilocks.

Made to their  own formulation, the keratin treatment is designed to make frizzy hair more manageable.

It leaves hair straighter and sleeker after washing.

While the two hour treatment is taking, opt for the Champagne Enzyme Facial.


This uses a foaming mask combining papaya and pineapple enzymes, with a clinical-level grade of glycolic acid.

And it delivers serious results.

For shimmering nails, try the Swarovski Diamond Manicure to leave you with dazzling fingertips.

Neville, 5 Pont Street

Richard Ward

The sheer size of Richard Ward is amazing.

I opt for a facial using the wonderful Carita line. It involves a cleanse and exfoliation using a sunflower-seed treatment, before an ultrasound for the face.

This handheld machine gently helps bring impurities and dirt to the surface, cleaning out the pores. It ends with a hydrating balm.

You may find yourself in need of a blow-dry afterwards.

You could also try the fabulous collagen pedicure, which involves socks enriched with collagen, olive oil and argan oil.

My feet are left feeling like butter. Now, slip your feet into a pair of sparkly sandals – party season is here.

Richard Ward, 82 Duke of York Square


Harvey Nichols

The dark nights may have drawn in, but at Harvey Nichols the motto is: let there be light.

For a quick pick-me-up dose of sunshine, the Light Salon offers treatments in the ground-floor beauty area. For a more relaxed experience there is a private space on the fourth floor.

Face sessions with the LED light mask start from £35 for a 20-minute dose. Near-infrared light is used to boost collagen production and blue light targets inflammation and kills bacteria.


The salon also has a full-body machine. You start facedown on the massage table, with a warming light easing you into the treatment.

When you turn over for the light to target the front of the body, the therapist can ease any tension with a quick neck and shoulder massage.

Get skin as radiant as can be with a Body Hydrafacial (£150) at the Beyond MediSpa on the fourth floor.

It uses the same equipment as the facial machine, and works in the same way, targeting areas like the back, which can be hard to reach with at-home cleansing.

The freshly resurfaced skin is then infused with a salicylic solution for clearing congestion and hyaluronic acid for hydration.

A calming mask and dose of blue light completes the treatment.

Harvey Nichols, 109–125 Knightsbridge