Demand for therapies from the marijuana plant is high and not just on Harley Street.

From pain relief to facials, the power of cannabidiol, known as CBD has been  harnessed for a wide range of treatments.

The marijuana plant is well known for the THC compound – the one which makes you high.

But the CBD compound has none of the psychoactive side effects. Products made of CBD have been legal in the UK for years.

They are now predominantly used in the health and beauty worlds.

“The main beneficial properties of CBD are that it is calming, relaxing and regenerating.”

Dr Aamer Khan from the Harley Street Skin Clinic introduced CBD facials to his practice recently.

“The treatment can be used on any type of skin, and is really good with mature skin as it reduces inflammation, which in turn is great for anti-ageing and acne,” he said.

The clinic has also used CBD to help skin recover after laser treatment and for healing on soldiers as part of its charity work.

But Dr Khan says the quality of CBD oils can vary. He is chief medical adviser for Mari Pharm which is the only company he is aware of that develops the product from seed to sale.

But it's not just on Harley Street that CBD is popping up.

Cowshed, the spa brand of choice at Soho Houses around the world, has a number of treatments using Mari Pharm's CBD oil, blended with Cowshed's own scented massage oil.

An hour long treatment at either Selfridge's or the Cowshed spa in Soho uses CBD oil and heated Thai compressors to target stressed muscles and alleviate pain.

In South Kensington, Hari's hair salon offers a CBD hair toning treatment using a bespoke blend of the oil made especially by Spirit of Hemp.

Meanwhile, CBD is still popular as a health food supplement.

Rebekah Hall, founder of drinks company Botanic Lab, says there is “a large and growing body of research into the therapeutic properties of CBD”.


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