Martin Brudnizki has designed some of the world's glitziest interiors.

Everything he touches seems to turn to Instagram gold.

From Annabel's and a range of some of the best restaurants here in Mayfair and St James's, to St Barth's and Saudi Arabia, he has transformed them all with his magic touch.

Brudnizki grew up in a very creative household.

“My mother was a stylist and my father an engineer. This combination has influenced my work today.

“I am drawn to colour and pattern. Most of all though, I enjoy the way that an interior is an extension of someone’s personality and life.

“What you are surrounded by and what you feel comfortable in is a great way of understanding who someone is.”

In Mayfair and St James's, the great and the good are comfortable with exquisite surroundings.

From the timelessness of Scott’s to the more pared back Aquavit in St James’s, both are Brudnizki’s work.

“Scott’s is especially memorable as it marked the first ‘fine dining’ restaurant that we did,” he said.

“Aquavit was an exciting project to work on too.

“With its Swedish cuisine and ethos, it gave me a chance to go back to my roots and design a restaurant that subtly nodded to design heroes of mine and places which inspired me growing up in Stockholm.”

Nowhere is more Instagram- friendly than Annabel's. Working on the new club, which spans four floors, was a standout for Brudnizki's team.

“The new club is located in a whole townhouse so we had to create not just one nightclub but an entire day club too,” he said.

International clients

Brudnizki's work can be found in venues from West Hollywood to Miami, from Vienna to Stockholm and across the Middle East in places like Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

“The culture in Jeddah is so different from anywhere we’ve worked before.

“So it was fascinating learning how we could intertwine the history and art of the region into our designs,” he said.

Now Brudnizki is working on a new collection for his product design studio And Objects alongside his business partner Nick Jeanes.

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Main photo: Sexy Fish