The Connaught Bar martini is world-famous – a classic in the bar world. It is always stirred, never shaken, and – if the guest requires gin – is made with the bar's own gin, which was originally created to mark the bar’s 10th anniversary.

The bar – ranked ‘Best Bar in Europe’ and second best bar in the world – makes and serves this drink from a black lacquer
trolley; us self-isolators may have to wait for this crisis to blow over before enjoying this cocktail in such style…

However, we can recreate this classic at home.


75ml vodka or gin
15ml dry vermouth
3 drops bitters (vanilla, grapefruit, cardamom, liquorice, lavender, ginger, coriander)


Stir vermouth and spirit over ice and strain into martini glass coated with bitters of your

Garnish with lemon zest or olives.



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