Private jets and one-of-a-kind experiences go hand in hand. Words by Sophia Charalambous.



Heritage Concierge

TCS World Travel launched Heritage Concierge, trips based on genealogical research.

Partnering with Heritage Consulting, research leads to a tailored itinerary to connect travellers with their places of origin.

The information is collected through experts located in more than 25 countries, who will gather details on the family history.

Trips could include visiting a Russian village where a great-grandmother grew up. Or maybe experiencing a whisky tour in Scotland where
ancestors once lived.

TCS World Travel, Berkeley Square, Mayfair.

365 Aviation & The Little Grand Tour

These museum and gallery day trips, for groups of up to four children by private jet, take learning to a new level.

Children are accompanied by parents or guardians, along with guides, the Art Wizards.

They are trained in the history of art to inspire the children throughout the tour.

There are four trips including Copenhagen’s Louisiana Museum and Italy’s Galleria Academia.

With the ease of flight, these experiences can take a matter of a few hours. 

So learning about the great artists of our time can be completed in a single day.

365 Aviation.

The Little Grand Tour. 



The VistaJet Wine Programme is the most expansive experience of wine to be found in the air.

It explores wine areas at world destinations.

The programme includes The Wine in the Sky Questionnaire.

This is a book published with Assouline. It includes contributions from popular wine lovers such as Sofia Coppola and Andrea Bocelli.

Then there is the Signature Wine List – sourced from some of the world’s most iconic vineyards.

Following this there is the Wine Club, allowing members to explore 12 carefully selected wines each year.

There are wine tours visiting historical regions such as Tuscany and Umbria.


Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotels have added a second World of Adventures Itinerary to the 2020 line-up on the fully customised Private Jet.

It was the first time in the Jet’s seven-year history that they’ve added extra journeys.

The added journey will kick off in May 2020. It will even feature a stop in the Caribbean at the newly renovated Four Seasons Resort Nevis.

Other stops on the route include Seattle, Kyoto, Bali, the Seychelles, Rwanda, Marrakech, Bogotá and Miami.

Guests will visit key destinations that contain the vibrancy and soul of each city.


Four Seasons