Liz Hurley, the actress, model and businesswoman on her favourite places in Chelsea.




How long have you worked in the Royal Borough?

I have had a personal office in South Kensington for nearly 25 years.

It’s one of my favourite areas in London, as it has pretty much everything and is very elegant.


What is your favourite … place to eat?

I love Café Colbert on Sloane Square and Lucio’s on Fulham Road.



The Royal Court on Sloane Square is excellent and the Saatchi Gallery is outstanding.


How could I not say Peter Jones? I nip in there all the time.

Place to go on holiday?

I love the Maldives and have stayed at some staggeringly luxurious resorts.

My favourites are probably Milaidhoo, Reethi Ra (pictured), Cheval Blanc and Velaa Private Island. The food and the beaches are to die for.



Difficult question, but I have a very soft spot for Goodfellas.


Also difficult, but probably Nabokov’s Despair.


How many pieces of swimwear do you have at home?

Truthfully, I have hundreds. I made myself sort them out recently, as they were in a giant jumble.

I still wear pieces that are from really early collections. If you hand wash swimsuits properly, they last for years.


Can you tell us a bit about your exercise routine?

I’m extremely active but don’t go to the gym much.

I walk a lot, run around a great deal, stretch whenever I can and do squats for my lower back.

Guilty pleasure?

I’m lactose intolerant, so having a pizza followed by an ice cream would be the treat of a lifetime.


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