Hatmaker extraordinaire Philip Treacy OBE opened his boutique at 69 Elizabeth Street in 1994 and never looked back. His trusty companion TJ now follows him wherever he goes around Belgravia

I have been a hat designer at 69 Elizabeth Street for the past 32 years. I design hats for people from all over the world and for the Fashion Houses in Paris and Rome. I love dogs! They are my favourite people and my best friends. I found TJ on the internet on epupz.com. I bought a miniature Jack Russell. But miniature he is not! When his very long and elegant legs first appeared, I contacted the breeder and was met with a wall of silence. He is hilarious! And the sweetest gentle boy! He likes everybody and also every dog we meet. He has his own teddy bear that he sleeps with.

TJ has quite a busy day. He visits all the coffee shops in the area in the morning and then he spends his day at work with me. He likes all the action in the studio and he is always looking for lunch.

Belgravia is Dog Central! Every imaginable breed of dog lives in Belgravia. There are some real Beauties around here! TJ’s favourite place in London is Colbert on Sloane Square – they allow dogs!

Once TJ had been there once or twice it became an obsession with him whenever we left the house, he wanted to go there. So I spend a lot of time embarrassing myself on his behalf for a dog biscuit. He also loves Hyde Park. TJ is friends with all the dogs. Everything we are looking for from life can be found in a dog – friendship, loyalty and love.