World famous department store, Selfridges, has launched a new sustainability initiative to change the way we shop by 2025.

Over the past few years, Selfridges has led the way for large-scale retailers in placing sustainability at the heart of its business. The new initiative, Project Earth, aims to help customers change their shopping habits in three ways – with a focus on ensuring materials used throughout the business come from certified, sustainable sources by 2025; the use of new retail models and experiences including repair, resell, refill and rental; and putting “longevity, creativity and sustainability at the heart of the business”, engaging with partners and customers to effect change.

The project will launch with collaborations from more than 300 brand partners, and will begin with eight weeks of experiments, innovations and conversations to get the ball rolling on the company’s gradual reinvention. Project Earth builds on a broader commitment to achieve net-zero carbon by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement.

“For the last decade we have taken ground-breaking steps to put people and planet at the heart of our business, embedding sustainability alongside creativity,” explains Selfridges group chairman, Alannah Weston. “Project Earth is not only our bold, new commitment to stretching environmental targets, it is about imaging new ways to do business, within the next five years.”


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