Eyewear brand Moscot has a store in Chelsea. It's run by father and son duo Harvey and Zack Moscot.


Words by Cally Squires


What drew you to Chelsea?

Harvey: Like the Lower East Side of Manhattan [where Moscot originated], Chelsea has a storied past, from the authors and poets in the 1900s to the epicentre of modern culture and 1970s counterculture.

The neighbourhood felt like home to us. It has continued to evolve. We really felt all these connections …


How would you sum up the brand?

Harvey: ‘Classiconic', our trademarked term of classic and iconic. And staying true to the core values of our predecessors.

Tell us about the history of Moscot

Zack: Our family business started from a pushcart in 1899 on NYC’s famed Lower East Side.

Now on to the fifth generation, we take our craft seriously and never take for granted our family’s success.

“We are passionate about delivering the best pair of eyeglasses that suits an individual’s lifestyle … it can really change their life!”


How is the dynamic, working together as father and son?

Harvey: It is a special privilege to work together. With mutual respect and an open mindset, we can learn a lot from each other.

Zack, armed with a formal industrial/product-design background, brings innovative designs and digital perspectives to our 105-year-old brand.


Hyman Moscot 1942


Do you both wear prescription lenses?

Zack: Harvey wears prescription but I do not.

I do like to wear custom made tints and a digital relief lens when I am looking at screens, though, to help eliminate glare and filter out blue light.

Finally, optical frames are a fashion accessory!

They took way too long to become an accessory, as eyeglasses are the first thing one notices when viewing another person.

How can you have just one pair? This never made sense to us, as people have multiple belts, scarves and shoes.


How many pairs of glasses do you own?

Harvey: Multiple, and for good reason! We have different frame styles for different outfits and also different lens products for different needs.

I don’t go running in my wingtips and I certainly don’t use the computer in my progressives! Different needs call for different pairs, technology and aesthetics.


Can customers get their eyes tested at the King's Road shop too?

Zack: Yes, we take pride in the fact that Moscot’s CEO is a doctor of optometry. Sso we understand the importance of annual eye exams.

Harvey: So many asymptomatic, sight-threatening, ocular conditions can be diagnosed and prevented during an annual eye exam.


Where do you see Moscot in 10, 20 years' time?

Harvey: Servicing the eyewear public as it has for the past 105 years.

Perhaps we’ll even have our first female CEO, since the fifth generation, Zack Moscot, is expecting twin girls!


Moscot, 74 King’s Road