Tamara Beckwith talks about her Misela handbag collection.



Words by Cally Squires


I started being a good client of Misela buying bags as presents and recommending them to other people.

The brand is excellent quality and [founder] Serra is truly passionate and such a lovely girl.

Working on aco llaboration with Misela was really exciting as I’d never done handbags before. The price point starts at £650 for the Tamara bag.

“I don't like a bag to look pristine, I like it to look a little bit loved.”

I really couldn’t spend £100,000 on a handbag, I really couldn’t. I do get that Birkins keep their value. But what happens when someone nicks it?!

I also don’t like a bag to look pristine, I like it to look a little bit loved.


Jeans and no make-up

My daughter said this morning, “Mummy, please make an effort for pick-up.”

Some days I go looking like I’m off on some amazing shoot and other days I’m more functional.

In the day if I don’t have to do anything, I want to wear jeans and no makeup. I don’t really have a uniform.

One day I might be Barbie pink, and then another day head to toe in gloomy grey.

The one thing I love about Instagram is you can find lots of things very quickly.

I love 16Arlington because they have beautiful party clothes.

My daughter Anouska [a photographer] has shot me before but [shooting the Misela collection] was a job and she was quite strict.

We had Vivi [Tamara’s younger daughter pictured left] in some of the pictures too.


Joan Collins fan

I tried really hard to not be the bossy mum and let her do her job.

It was a lovely experience and my dream team as Olivia Buckingham was doing the styling.

Locally I like places that my children can go to without getting into trouble! Uni is where both my daughters love to go for a treat.

I obviously go to Oliveto and Olivomare, the staff always go above and beyond and it’s not too chichi for the kids.

On our daily route we have to go to Semmalina, say hello to Sarah and get toys that the kids don’t need!

My florist Nikki Tibbles from Wild at Heart is also a friend. Joan [Collins] I have been madly in love with since she was in Dynasty.

The Lady Garden Foundation gala [which Tamara co-founded to raise awareness for gynaecological cancers] is every other year and I asked [Dame Joan to host] this year.

She adds a lot of glamour to an event, and I was really happy she came.


Find out about Tamara Beckwith's collaboration with Misela from the website: www.misela.com.

Find out about The Lady Garden Foundation from the website: www.ladygardenfoundation.com