Welcome to the new way to work


Just off Regent Street, there's a co-working space at One Heddon Street.

The building offers facilities for a multitude of business needs and for socialising.

It can offer both permanent space or somewhere to hold meetings and bounce ideas off a team.

Developers are realising that the traditional cubicle office layout is no longer cutting it.

With our work/life balance in constant flux, and the new emphasis on “wellness”, we want something drastically different.

“We are the newest destination for professionals, entrepreneurs and start-ups in the heart of the West End, offering high quality workspace,” said general manager Adam Hawley.

Owned by The Crown Estate, the One Heddon Street hub is quite different from the rest of the Estate's two million square feet of office space in the community.

Here flexible work areas range from project space to overflow for established companies. But the building also caters for start-ups and young entrepreneurs wanting a location in central London.

Teams of various sizes can find a space suitable for their requirements.

You can take a permanent private office for up to 12 people with 24/7 access or fixed desks for a team.

But you can also drop in alone, as and when it suits you. Membership rates reflect this array of requests.

With 350 desks, there are also meeting rooms, a roof terrace and events areas.

There are exercise classes and wellness events on site. After all, a lunchtime yoga session may be just what you need for a productive afternoon.

Members can take advantage of adjustable sit-stand desks, proven to be good for posture and concentration, natural light and indoor greenery including a living wall, as well as filtered drinking water.

Downstairs there is an all-day Australian café Little Green, part of the now-famed Daisy Green Collection, also open into the evening serving dinner and cocktails.