Around Mayfair

Mayfair PA and Cookson Adventures

Ultra-luxury travel company Cookson adventures hosted Mayfair PAs as part of an exclusive event at Michelin-starred restaurant the Square.

Blue sky art

See works of art by the finalists and winners of Sky Arts’ Landscape Artist of the Year series at Clarendon Fine Art in Mayfair.

The judges

You nominated the shortlist for the Community Awards of Mayfair & St James’s. Now meet the judges whose decisions will be announced later this month at a glittering awards event.

The shortlist

The shortlist of local businesses and people nominated for The Community Awards of Mayfair & St James’s has been announced! We can’t wait until winners are named later this month.

Art exhibition treats

There’s everything from Picasso to modern art on show at exhibitions across Mayfair this spring. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Take two

Walking into a second home should feel like, well, home. But how does the design brief for that second home in the sun differ from your main property?

Sail into the sunset

Experience authentic Kerala from the comfort of the luxury Oberoi Vrinda cruiser which offers delicious food, cultural trips and impeccable service.

A place in the sun

So you want to buy property overseas? We show you some of the dos and don’ts of buying that second luxury home in the sun.

Icelandic retreat

Escape from the madding crowd at The Retreat at The Blue Lagoon in Iceland where you can bathe in warm blue waters, enjoy the luxury spa and dine in style.

Awards sponsors

With just two weeks to go to the glittering presentation of the Community Awards of Mayfair & St James’s, the headline sponsors tell us why they have chosen to support the awards.

Visas made easy

Get your visa wrong and you could miss your whole trip. New firm Viselio simplifies the process and even fills out those tedious forms for you.