Award-winning filmmaker Eva Lanska has directed and produced her first documentary titled “The Abraham Accords Change History: Women in the Middle East”.

The film features commentary from leading representatives of the region, including Chief Rabbi Dr Elie Abadie, Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein, Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem for Foreign Relations Economic Development, Diplomat Ruth Wasserman Lande, and others

“The media in the West report that women in the Middle East do not have rights or opportunities. I wanted to find out if this information is accurate,” says London-based Israeli-Russian director and screenwriter, Eva.

“My film could be of great support to these women as it seeks to dispel stereotypes and myths, replacing them with facts and reality.”

The film captures the importance of women’s contribution to creating a prosperous life in these regions, drawing attention to their achievements. It includes conversations with outstanding representatives of cultural, religious and business organisations in the Middle East. Its prestigious narrators express their thoughts about the horizons that The Abraham Accords have opened to the participating countries and the effects they have had on the women of the Middle East.

The 25-minute short film – shot in Israel and United Arab Emirates – will be  submitted to festivals worldwide late this year.