Is there anything nicer than a freshly-baked loaf or a crisp, buttery pastry? Alice Cairns rounds up a selection of the best across Victoria and Westminster


This new community bakery is set to become a destination for sourdough connoisseurs. 

Masterminded by Kevan Roberts, Chestnut ferments its sourdough for up to 72 hours. The result is a loaf with a delicious, rounded flavour, a firm crust and an airy crumb. 

Signature bake: Sourdough baguette

17-21 Elizabeth Street


 This family bakery has been producing high-quality baked goods for more than 50 years. As well as creating tasty loaves, quiches and pastries, Bonne Bouche is known for its delicious gateaux.

Signature bake: Nougat twist, developed by master baker and owner, Rolf Biller. 

6 Strutton Ground


If you’re looking for a seasonal selection of fresh bread, pastries and cakes, Gail’s – which recently opened on Buckingham Palace – is a good place to start. The much-loved brand’s cinnamon buns are particularly good   

Signature bake: The cinnamon bun 

22-24 Buckingham Palace Road


This Danish bakery embraces the concept of ‘hygge’, offering a cosy oasis from the hustle and bustle of London life. Baked goods include traditional Danish pastries – including the much-loved cinnamon social – alongside lavish cream cakes and deeply savoury rye bread. 

1 Sir Simon Milton Square and 31 Eccleston Place


The founders of Little Bread Pedlar met at a roller disco party under the arches of London Bridge, and made a wild promise to open a café together. They  now offer freshly-baked loaves, herby focaccia, pastries and cakes. 

34 Moreton Street