Initial design proposals for Grosvenor Square were revealed in September 2020, with a call for public participation to help transform the space for people and nature.

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland launched the programme in 2017, enlisting architecture practice Tonkin Liu to create designs for the garden square, which is the second largest in London.

Feedback from thousands of Londoners along with consultations from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, LSE Cities and the Green Infrastructure Consultancy all helped to develop Tonkin Liu's ideas, with five themes emerging: green cities; accessing the outdoors; horticulture and biodiversity; healthy places; and urban ecology.

The proposed designs take inspiration from Grosvenor Square's original layout, when it was created in the 1720s. Plans see the garden enlarged by 3,000 square metres, with the oval shape from the original design reinstated. Four interlocking gardens will create a sensory experience for visitors.

Londoners are encouraged to give feedback on the proposals, with an open exhibition taking place in the square alongside online events over the coming weeks.

“The proposals deliver what people have told us they want through the engagement process. They offer a balance of different areas for nature and people without over-crowding the space.

“They show how garden squares can play their part in tackling the climate emergency, by bringing as much nature and biodiversity to the site as physically possible while addressing the issues that are important for multiple generations of visitors.”


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