Sokratis Papafloratos has been a key part of the success for many of Britain's best start-up businesses. He was one of the first investors in the award-winning and Secret Escapes, one of the world's leading members-only travel companies; and founder of the UK's earliest local reviews site, Trusted Places, which was later acquired by Yell Group.

The entrepreneur's current project as founder and CEO is Numan: a Mayfair-based digital health clinic for men in the UK. With a focus on issues affecting men's confidence and self-esteem, Numan offers affordable direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical products, online guidance from health professionals and empowering content underpinned by science, providing knowledge and solutions for a range of issues including fertility, hair loss and ED. The company's aim is to act as a  support system and open up a dialogue with men, in order to destigmatise these issues.

We asked Papafloratos for his top five tips for staying on top of your mental health during these uncertain times.

Master your daily routine

Build a daily routine you can stick to. Trust me, you will reap the rewards. As the founder of Numan, I am kept on my toes every day, and I find that routine is a lifesaver. Maintaining the consistency of my days – from the time I wake up to when I stop working for the day – greatly benefits my productivity. Be sure to factor in time for yourself as well!

Exercise regularly

Aside from the health benefits, the mental health benefits of exercise are paramount.

Exercising is a great way to de-stress and unwind. Make sure you engage in activities that you enjoy and find relaxing, otherwise you will never get around to actually exercising. There are some great free workout videos available on YouTube and Instagram at the moment, so make the most of the sunny weather and get your workout in.

Get creative

It’s important to have a creative outlet of some kind. Drawing, photography, writing, music; whatever it is, try and allocate some time for it every day. Don’t overthink it. Just start. Getting creative can help focus your mind, reduce anxiety and depression and give you a real sense of personal satisfaction. Thinking creatively can also impact your performance at work so it's good to get into the habit of doing it. You never know, your out-of-the-box idea could result in your next promotion.


Keeping a regular sleep pattern is life-changing. You will feel more energised, focused and ready for the day. For a fast-tracked journey to falling asleep, it’s good to avoid phones and laptop screens at least an hour before bedtime.

Focus on what matters

Because of the current situation, we have to deal with a constant stream of news reports on a daily basis. Sometimes it can be overwhelming as we are all being overloaded with information from different sources, and it is difficult to know what to believe. My best advice for dealing with this is: don’t pay attention to rumours and cut down on news. Cancel out the noise and instead focus on your well-being and the happiness of your loved ones.


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