Connolly England has launched its e-commerce platform.

A natural progression for the brand, the platform showcases the shared wardrobe of beautiful items that reflect the ethos of Connolly – pieces that age perfectly with use, wear and love.

These include some of Connolly’s best sellers such as the classic sporting loden, sash trousers, silk shirting, hero cashmere knits and signature leather accessories. Owner Isabel Ettedgui states “Connolly isn’t just about the wardrobe, it’s about the life you lead in those pieces.” 

Isabel understands what Connolly customers are interested in and passionate about, and has been very careful in translating the unique Connolly experience that a customer gets when they enter the London shop into the online platform; “We hope to spark the same excitement and warm welcome as when you ring our doorbell at 4 Clifford Street.”

To experience the beautiful world of Connolly for a more thoughtful style of shopping, visit