A Mayfair couple have created a design brand inspired by world leading art from the Taj Mahal to the Old Masters.

Anisha Burman and Leslie Mwambazi manage to combine marriage and a business partnership.

Already big names in the art world, now they've branched out into interior design too.

Their home in George Street is decorated with designs inspired by the couple's travels. They've borrowed ideas from far away cultures and brought home momentoes from their journeys.

India plays a key role for Burman.

“It is a kaleidoscope of art and design,” she says.

“The real inspiration of India for me are the craftsmen involved in the building of monuments such as the Taj Mahal.

“The marble in-lay work and designs have influenced my passion for symmetry and beauty in my art and design,” Burman adds.

But she also pays tribute to influences of the Old Masters such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Rubens, as well as Dali and Picasso.

“These artists shaped my childhood curiosity of art as a storytelling form,” she said.

The influence of geometry

The couple's latest venture Les Niches also uses a lot of geometry.

“We create interior pieces inspired by our art, which itself is inspired by geometry.

“Many people believe that geometry was the art of the Greeks. However, it existed long before,” she said.

The Minoans, Sumerians, Egyptians, Indians, Chinese and Phoenicians all used geometric design.

It is seen in Megalithic rock formations and is ever present in nature, she points out.

Burman also pays tribute to Mayfair, her home for many years.

“I love the cultural diversity of the area. Mayfair is always evolving and pushing the boundaries across new foodie destinations, galleries, fashion, fairs and festivals,” she says.

To find out more about Les Niches, view the Instagram page here.