Susan Dolton is the nearest thing our area has to a best friend.

As director of an independent charity called the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation, she works to combat inequality in the borough.


“Kensington and Chelsea is a fantastic place!” she says.

“What drew me to this borough was its diversity and the fact that it’s so vibrant.

“I was also aware of the huge inequalities that exist locally,” she adds.

Susan Dolton

The foundation's role is to bring people, businesses, schools and charities in the area together to build a better place for everyone.

Over the last decade, the foundation has raised more than £5 million to tackle the issues holding local people back.

The foundation's small team was also one of the three key fundraisers for the Grenfell Tower tragedy, which helped to raise more than £7 million for the survivors, bereaved and the wider community affected.

“Being local, we were able to work quietly and effectively with other local charities to help people at a truly dreadful time.

“Looking to the future, we are continuing to work side by side with the community in North Kensington, while also working closely with local people, businesses and charities in the south of the borough,” she says.

“A lot of my time is spent getting to know  people, whether that’s a business in Sloane Square, a charity in Earls Court or a local museum,” she adds.

 “Listening is a big part of my job and that’s how my organisation continues to learn and evolve.”

Susan likes to meet local people from all walks of life.

“I spend a lot of time on local buses and one of my favourite things to do is to get on the 452 at Ladbroke Grove and take it all the way to Sloane Square.

“Mainly, this is for work purposes, but I’m often tempted into Peter Jones and the shops on Duke of York Square,” she adds.

Susan says local residents, businesses and schools can all get involved in the foundation's work.

Current priorities are helping people gain skills and jobs, combatting some of the issues faced by young people and supporting those suffering from isolation and loneliness.

“We’d love you to join our growing family of supporters and friends,” she says.

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