Fashion influencer and Instagram sensation Luna De Casanova talks style,  social media and her favourite places to hang out in Belgravia.

When did you start your  Instagram @lunadecasanova?

“I started casually, posting the occasional photo. It was only when I started to be approached by people saying how much they liked my page that I began to take it more seriously. Since then, it has snowballed.” [Luna now has more than 38,000 followers].

How would you describe  your personal style?

“I think it is idiosyncratic. I like to mix clothes – new and old; expensive and cheap. I love patterns and am not afraid to combine them. For me, the “look” is important and if that means wearing a man’s jersey with a Dior skirt, so be it.”


Which designers do you  admire most?

“I was a huge admirer of Karl Lagerfeld for his creative energy and also his work ethic. He will be impossible to replace. I love Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen for their exuberance, I admire Raf Simons and Hedi Slimane for their tailored cuts, and I’m a big Stephane Rolland fan. I am lucky enough to be approached by some of them.”


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