Air pollution causes up to 9,000 deaths a year in the capital, but it's not just our lungs that suffer. Skin loses elasticity and becomes dehydrated, so try these anti-pollution solutions.



Self-dubbed the “Anti-Pollution Guardian” this cream, £150, is built to stimulate the skin’s natural defence system, providing biological protection against UV rays and defend against pollution by protecting the DNA of our skin cells.


We often forget about the levels of pollution we absorb through our body’s skin. Mauli’s Himalayan Healing Salts, £42, are particularly special as the pink salts contain 84 of the 92 trace minerals found in the body to rebalance the body’s pH levels and remove toxins.


City Skin Detox Moisturiser, £65, applied at night, works to detoxify the skin from pollutants and toxins that have accumulated throughout the day. Its antioxidant properties derive from Marrubium Plant Stem Cells, which neutralise pollutants.


Omorovicza uses Hungarian thermal water, ancient healing water to completely heal and transform skin. In their stunning treatment room at Liberty, the Deep Cleansing and Pore Refining Facial, 60mins for £85) uses Omoressence, £68, a water that guards the skin from environmental stresses.



One of the most potent anti-oxidant creams around, and ideal for aging skin, Defensif Renewal Serum, £185, works as a shield against free-radical damage using a Bio-Renewal Protein, which promotes skin cell renewal. It protects against visible signs of premature aging and stops the draining of collagen.



The new Future Solution LX, Total Protective Cream, 50ml, £270, with SPF 20 contains the advanced anti-ageing ingredient, SkingenecellEnmei, which allows our longevity gene, sirtuin 1, to be more resistant to oxidative stress. This prevents. Alongside other key ingredients, exclusive to Shiseido, skin is defended against all daytime aggressors – UV rays, dryness, oxidation and pollutants.

Natura Bisse

Encased in a bubble of 99.95 per cent of pure air wearing a virtual reality headset, the Mindful Touch experience, £160, goes beyond the norm of skincare treatments. The virtual reality video taps into a state of mindfulness before the facial even begins. The pure air helps to filter out unwanted pollutants, while the facial, which can be tailored to your skin, can work to eliminate toxins.
Sanderson Hotel, 50 Berners Street, Mayfair.