A participatory exhibition at Ruinart Art Bar, Frieze London

September, London: visual artist Jeppe Hein’s participatory installation for his Ruinart Carte Blanche commission ‘RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW’ will sit within the Ruinart Art Bar at Frieze London from 12 – 16 October 2022.

Jeppe Hein is an influential contemporary artist best known for his visual works, and this year’s Carte Blanche commission with Ruinart. Through awakening the senses to connect with nature and the world around us, Jeppe uses the five senses and four elements to portray his wine making journey.

Visitors to the Ruinart Art Bar will experience Jeppe’s interpretation of Maison Ruinart’s heritage and savoir-faire as it is translated into a sensory experience commanding the five senses and summoning the four elements – earth/soil, water/rain, air/wind and fire/sun – which as Jeppe discovered during his artist residency in Reims, are essential to champagne making.

The exhibition aims to bring out emotions, offering visitors simple experiences that trigger something intimate. Each visitor is given a piece of chalk to touch and draw with, a scent to smell, and instructions for a meditative raisin tasting experience. Drawing their face on the coloured panels will help them connect with themselves and express their feelings.

As the Official Champagne of FRIEZE, Ruinart will invite guests to explore the exhibition with a glass of R de Ruinart, Ruinart Blanc de Blanc & Ruinart Rosé.

Limited-edition Jeroboam
Frieze London visitors seeking a taste of Jeppe Hein’s sensory experience at home can purchase one of twenty-five limited-edition Jeroboam bottles of Ruinart Rosé – available to order at Ruinart Art Bar over the course of the fair.

As part of his artistic reinterpretation of Maison Ruinart, Jeppe Hein transformed the wooden box containing a Jeroboam bottle of Ruinart Rosé into a work of art, exploring the different dimensions of champagne. Echoing the sensory installation RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, the box was whitened with chalk taken directly from the walls of Ruinart’s chalk pits in Reims, giving the wood a ceruse-like appearance.

Instead of the usual Ruinart label, a rosé-coloured mirror label appears on the front of the bottle, with no writing, recalling the bubbles from the art installation. Once the bottle has been removed, the box serves as the base for a rose-coloured mirror sculpture evoking both the colour and sparkling bubbles of the champagne.

A testimony to the fleeting moment of tasting, this limited edition recalls the sensory experiences in the RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW installation.

At Ruinart Art Bar, Frieze London, Regents Park
12 – 16 October 2022

Jeppe Hein RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW Limited-edition Jeroboam Bottle Of Ruinart Rosé available to pre-order at Ruinart Art Bar Frieze and enquiries privateclients@moethennessy.com
RRP: £3,100