Discover the secret kingdom of plants on a unique, immersive journey in the company of a broadcasting legend. Through the magic of augmented reality, visitors to the West End can experience our green planet like never before – for a limited time only. The Green Planet Experience will open its doors to the public on February 11 at 55 Regent Street and will run until March 9.

The ground-breaking experience is free (although tickets must be booked) and guests will be accompanied throughout by a virtual Sir David Attenborough in 3D hologram form. Inspired by his current BBC series, Green Planet – a landmark BBC Studios Natural History production visitors will travel through five digitally-enhanced worlds, including tropical jungles, water worlds, desert landscapes and the changing seasons.

The experience has been created by The Green Planet 5G AR Consortium, made of six of the world’s leading creative, technology and scientific organisations. It’s led by immersive content studio, Factory 42, and includes BBC Studios, 5G mobile network operator EE, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Talesmith and Dimension Studios. They worked together to explore and develop a new AR experience inspired by the TV series.

The Green Planet 5G AR Consortium is one of nine projects to win £2.2m funding as part of the 5G Create competition backed by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, which is testing how 5G technology can be used by a wide range of sectors including the creative industries.

Visitors will be given a mobile device powered by EE 5G technology which will become their dynamic window into the world of plants. This technology engages audiences with plant life in an immersive and intimate way, allowing visitors to witness the extraordinary nature of plants from their perspective and on their timescale and in doing so, learning why they are so vital for the future of our planet.

The Green Planet AR Experience, powered by EE 5G - Exterior

Scientists and horticultural experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew have been involved in the creation of the digital plant life that will be seen, ensuring every leaf, tree and flower that guests will experience is a scientifically accurate representation. It’s  all part of Kew’s wider mission to help halt biodiversity loss.

The Crown Estate is working in partnership with The Green Planet 5G AR Consortium, and providing the space on Regent Street, which forms part of a number of recent sustainability focussed pop-ups.

Simon Harding-Roots, managing director for London at The Crown Estate, said: “This will be a really magical experience, helping to inspire people about our precious natural world and bring to life the challenges we all face in protecting our planet. David Attenborough’s work has had a galvanising impact on how we all think about wildlife and biodiversity, and we are thrilled to be supporting the continuing conversation with this immersive experience in the heart of the West End.” 

The Green Planet Experience runs from February 11 to March 9. Tickets can be booked by visiting