The three Michelin-star chef/patron of Core by Clare Smyth – and Hubolt ambassador – on the books she would give all the time in the world for 



The French Laundry Cookbook 

  by Thomas Keller

A timeless classic full of beautiful recipes and stories by one of the most inspirational chefs of our time. It isn’t for the faint hearted cook but even if you don’t attempt the recipes it is full of beautiful images and stories. I go back to this book time and time again. 

Escoffier – the king of the chefs

  by Owen S. Rackleff 

This book tells the story of the first modern day celebrity chef and how he changed the way we eat and present food today. I enjoyed reading the stories behind creating dishes such as peach melba and how he created tinned tomatoes. It is a great read and a look back in time.

The Soul of a Chef 

  by Michael Ruhlman

As a young chef I would read literally everything about food and cooking that I could get my hands on. This was one of my favourites. It takes an in-depth look into the profession and what it means to be a chef. It is part of a series and really for hardcore food lovers or those who want to be in the profession. 

Ma Gastronomie

  by Fernando Point

A true classic by one of the most important chefs in history. He trained the likes of Paul Bocuse, Alain Chapel and Troisgros.  It has so many great stories and gives you a real invite to a day in the life of this French chef who was one of the founders of modern cuisine. A true gastronome, he cracked open a magnum of champagne every morning whilst he shaved!

Lord of the Rings

  by J.R.R. Tolkein

I have read all of Tolken’s work and am a massive fan. It is one of the most popular books of the last century for a reason. The books are still a great read and better than the films. I loved getting lost in this world as a child.