Sellers of luxury goods in Mayfair are turning their attention to the Middle East.


And the main lure is the huge market among Arab millennials.

With one of the largest populations of young people in the world – many of them rich and willing to spend – the Middle East is a very attractive audience.

This new Arab luxury market represents an opportunity to create brand loyalty, fuel spending and foster market growth.


Selfridges has a strong reputation for catering for the Middle East market.

This year they collaborated with Jo Malone London to create an exclusive fragrance especially for Ramadan: Myrrh and Tonka Cologne Intense.

In 2019 they curated a Ramadan/Eid edit on the homepage of the Middle Eastern sites.



Gucci launched online stores in key markets including the Middle East in the same year its ecommerce sales rose by 86%.

Millennials accounted for about 50% of revenues, acording to Deloitte.


Browns' handbags

Browns Fashion, located on South Molton Street, has a large number of Middle Eastern clients.

It also sends products direct to the Middle East.

The luxury boutique has even brought on a couple of designers from the Middle East; Iranian bag designer Tara Zadeh and Egyptian bag designer Okhtein (pictured).



In the world of fragrance, Roja Dove is one of the most celebrated noses.

His Burlington Arcade store attracts large numbers of Middle Eastern customers.

Roja has even dedicated his entire Gulf Collection to the region.

“Perfumery is something that Middle Eastern people hold dear to their hearts.”

“They take scent very seriously,” he added.

“Scenting is a ritual and they consider scent as a little piece of yourself that you leave behind you – like a gift to those that smell it.”



EL&N is the café with pink interiors and the famous flower walls (main picture).

It has made a name for itself as an Instagram-friendly spot.


Hakkasan has restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, and is – naturally – a favourite spot for Middle Eastern visitors to Mayfair.
This article was published in the Mayfair Times, which you can read here.