Head chef Bernhard Mayer of Sloane Place shares his signature dishes with Cally Squires.

Starter – Beef Tataki

“We use Rose County beef for this dish, which comes from Lancashire.

“It’s beautifully marbled and dry-aged for 28 days.

“The fillet is quickly charred at an extremely high heat, chilled, thinly sliced and garnished with watercress and crispy fried lotus root.

“The dressing is infused with Asian flavours like rice vinegar and mirin, and finished with white truffle oil – simple, balanced and delicious.”


Main – aromatic Javanese chicken noodle broth.

“This dish reminds me of home-cooked street food, which I had the pleasure to experience when I worked in Indonesia.

“The noodle soup has so many elements, textures and colours, which make it very inviting – a feast for the eyes.

“The aromatic broth is filled with chicken, noodles, egg, vegetables and spices. It is also very healthy and nutritious – the spices are like medicine!”


Pudding – flourless tonka bean chocolate brownie

“This pudding is a bestseller – brownie and peanuts are a classic combination and internationally loved.

“We use a very good-quality Peruvian chocolate. The tonka beans bind the mixture together, and as the brownie is flourless, we have it as a paste.

“It is hard to describe the flavour of a tonka bean. It is a slightly nutty, nutmeg flavour, which makes for a very rich, delectable brownie.”


This article originally appeared in Sloane Square magazine which you can read here.

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