What will be big in the world of interior design this year? We ask the experts.


Words by Charlotte Pasha


Kelly Hoppen

“My prediction for 2020 trends are very much ‘less is more’.

“But this time the less is about sustainability in the home, therefore choices are more considered.

“Reusing and upcycling is so current and for once can be stylish and easy.

“The base is all about fine lines and the use of concrete, glass and sustainable woods mixing textures.

“But most of all, comfort …

“The layering of inobvious textures is key; carpet and concrete, ceramic and bricks, cork and marble for the shock factor.

“As for colours, neutrals as the base is still very prominent, of course.

“However pops of colour like ochre yellow and deep monroe red with everything shade of grey are extremely popular.

“#oldfornew will be my hashtag for 2020.”


Giorgio Ruggiero

Giorgio is senior creative designer at Sahrai Milano,  62-64 Brook Street


“Natural colours are ever so present in 2020 together with touches of powder pink, gold, bronze and teal.

“In terms of style, the abstract with futuristic elements will prevail adding that mystic touch to our creations.

“The 2020 Sahrai Exclusive Rug Collections combine natural elements with futuristic ones.”

Sahrai Milano, sahrai.com

Anke Summerhill

Anke is creative director at Minotti London.


“In light of the current communal feeling of supporting sustainability, 2020 will see people steering away from trends and fashion in interiors and choose timeless classic pieces that stand the test of time.

“Although neutrals will remain popular, (accent) colour will start to creep in.

“Individuality in interiors will be very important, along with finding unique custom-made pieces.”

Minotti London, minottilondon.com


Sharon Lillywhite

Sharon is founding partner at Oliver Burns.


“We anticipate that 2020 will see a move towards liveable luxury.

“The same opulent finishes and materials that characterise super-prime interiors will remain.

“But they will be more relaxed and informal in feel with an emphasis on use of space for entertaining and socialising.

“The year 2020 will see mindful design elevated further to promote a sense of comfort, simplicity, sanctuary and connection.

“A living environment with sufficient exposure to nature and light can heighten physical and emotional wellbeing.

“Pantone has unveiled ‘Classic Blue’ as the colour of the year for 2020.

“In a time of global uncertainty and accelerating technology, this solid and dependable hue exudes a sense of calm.”


Martin Brudnizki


“I think people are moving towards creating something that is more authentic and unique.

“And so the rise of the artisan and artist’s touch is becoming more visible.

“In 2019, I noticed a lot more examples of artists handfinishing items of furniture with tactile sweeps of the brush or making their marks on ceramics with handwriting.

“I love this next level of authenticity and craftsmanship which makes a piece really stand out and hope to see more of it in 2020.”

Martin Brudnizki, mbds.com