Striking photos of nude celebrities and fish taken by John Swannell are on display in Mayfair this week.




Clarendon Fine Art in Mayfair is hosting Swannell’s favourite pieces from his 40 year career on Wednesday December 11th.

They range from an iconic picture of Princess Diana and her two sons taken in 1994 to Swannell’s series for Fishlove.

A string of celebrities agreed to take off their clothes and be photographed to support the campaign against destructive over-fishing.


Fans can also buy a collectors’ portfolio of the photographer’s work through the gallery in Dover Street.

Portfolios comprise six mounted prints for each of the five exhibition themes.

These are nudes, early classic fashion, fashion on the road and the Fishlove series.



Stirring people

The Fishlove series includes two prints of Helena Bonham Carter, and one each of Julie Christie, Dame Judy Dench and Hugh Bonneville, priced at £1,950.

Swannell’s works are also on display this month at Clarendon Fine Art’s new Hampstead gallery.

One of the biggest names in British photography, Swannell has travelled the world over his 40 year career, photographing people and landscapes.

“For me, it’s about producing images that stir people. I love to see people’s reactions when they look at my photographs and I’m thrilled to be able to celebrate the past 40 years with some of my favourite ones and share some of the stories that go with them,” he says.

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