Winston Churchill’s former Mount Street home is now available to rent.



As a young man in his twenties, Churchill lived at 105 Mount Street.

In those days, he was launching his political career, and would invite friends back to his desirable Mayfair address.

Today it looks like a typical 19th-century mansion block, like many others on the street.


Young man on the rise

But in the early 1900s, it housed the young man who would go on to become Britain’s famous war-time prime minister.

Churchill rented the apartment from his wealthy cousin, the 9th Duke of Marlborough, Charles ‘Sunny’ Spencer-Churchill.  He lived there for around five years between 1900 and 1905.

Today, the apartment is once again available to rent, offering the opportunity to experience the ultimate in Churchill memorabilia.

Significant time for Churchill

“This is quite a stylish apartment that has come up for rent. It is obviously unique in the fact it was once home to the future British prime minister,” says Peter Wetherell of estate agency Wetherell.

“It was a fairly significant time for the young Churchill back then.

“He was only around 26 at the time. But it was a base for him as he launched his political career. It is where he entertained his political friends as well.”

Churchill was living here when he was first elected to the Houses of Parliament as Conservative MP for Oldham in 1900.

It was also in Mount Street that Churchill wrote his resignation letter in 1904, when he dramatically defected to the Liberal Party.


Churchill the writer

He was living here when he published his book, Ian Hamilton’s March. This was a collection of letters about his experiences as a British soldier during the Second Boer War.

For a young Churchill, an address in Mayfair was representative of his carefree bachelor lifestyle before he married Clementine in 1908.

Taste for luxury

“The nearby luxury hotel The Connaught, then known as The Coburg, would deliver luxury ‘take-aways’ to residents like Churchill.

“And it is believed these luxuries provided Churchill with his love of champagne, fine cigars and good food,” Wetherell says.

More than 100 years later, Mayfair remains a luxury abode.

It now sits over the Sautter cigar shop that pays homage to the man himself.

Few features survive from the Churchill era. For the 1,055 square feet flat has undergone significant refurbishments in recent years.

The apartment is fully furnished and provides a principal suite with ensuite and a further double bedroom.

The reception room is described as “stylishly dressed” for a glamourous ambience that encompasses a marble fireplace and plenty of natural light from six windows on to Mount Street.

But despite this, Wetherell believes the apartment represents the typical “entry flat” for young people starting out in Mayfair.

“A quality work-life balance is the aspiration of this generation. The lure of the luxury quarter appeals to these residents, along with the fine dining and hospitality prevalent in Mayfair.

“So just as this apartment served a young Churchill in the 1900s, with his love of luxury dining and entertaining, over 100 years later the opportunity is here again,” he says.


105 Mount Street is available to let for £1,550 per week. For more information, call Wetherell on: 020 7493 6935.


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