To celebrate London Fashion Week, British designer Osman has created an eye-catching window display at the May Fair Hotel.



The luxury womenswear designer has combined art and fashion to craft his unique display.

It is especially striking at night.

A mannequin sporting an ostrich-feathered, tulle dress, pivots on a revolving platform. This is surrounded by a projected moving image of the heated oil inside a lava lamp.

Osman is the Designer in Residence at the May Fair Hotel, which is the official hotel of London Fashion Week (September 13-17th).


Designer for the stars

Osman Yousefzada is known for his intricate detailing and has won numerous awards since launching his brand in 2008.

He has dressed stars such as Beyoncé, Thandie Newton, Emily Blunt, Celine Dion & Lady Gaga.

“I wanted to evoke feelings of relaxation and connect to the comfort the hotel provides its guests to send them off to sleep,” he said.

“The cloudlike quality of tulle, and the light and floating ostrich features made this the perfect design to showcase in its window.”

He added: “This design is signature of my new season collection to be featured this year at London Fashion Week.”



Colourful cocktails

Inspired by Osman’s collection, the hotel is bringing out a selection of cocktails to co-incide with fashion week.

The four cocktails are designed to showcase the designer’s love for vibrant colours.

They will be served at the May Fair Bar from Monday September 9th to 21st and cost £14 each.

Meanwhile the Mayfair Kitchen will be offering a selection of Spanish and Italian small plates, perfect for group dining before or after the fashion shows.

Botho Stein, General Manager at the hotel, said Osman’s designs offered guests “a taste of the glitz and glamour of London Fashion Week without ever leaving the hotel”.