PAD London promises a world of surprises when it returns this month.

Words by Reyhaan Day.



World renowned art and design fair, PAD London, returns to Berkeley Square this month, with the theme of Unexpected Materials.

Look out for fresh and unusual pieces from the world’s hottest creators.

Some 68 exhibitors from across the globe will be showcasing their work.

See pieces spanning the fields of contemporary and modern design, ceramics and glass, tribal art and antiquities, jewellery and modern art.

PAD London runs from September 30th to October 6th, in Berkeley Square, Mayfair.


Cape Town’s Southern Guild Gallery joins the 13th edition of PAD London. They will showcase new works by ceramicist Andile Dyalvane and sculptures by Justine Mahoney.

There will also be upholstered leather furniture by one of South Africa’s most talked-about fashion designers, Rich Mnisi.

WA Design from Paris will bring elegant French and Japanese designs to the pavilion.

Barcelona’s Side Gallery will highlight Latin American furniture from Brazilian makers such as Joaquim Tenreiro.


Portuondo Paris will display a pair of brutalist brass lamps by Henri Fernandez and a 1980s cabinet by Piero Fornasetti.

Meanwhile, New York’s Todd Merrill Studio is creating an immersive space based around a collection of sycamore and acrylic console tables by British designer Marc Fish.

“The craft of woodworking goes back to the dawn of man. Many of the techniques used today go back hundreds if not thousands of years,” says Fish.


The bold colours and unusual materials of The Taffin, New York, will join the galleries representing jewellery designers.

These include Boghossian’s precious gemstones from around the corner in Mayfair.

From Hong Kong, comes Anna Hu, with her whimsical, sparkling creations.

Vintage luxury watches from The Beautiful Watch and polished gold and titanium pieces by Fabio Salini, based in Rome and London, will also be on show.

Those returning to the fair this year include Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

They will take a prominent space to display a Nacho Carbonell chandelier, a leaning bookshelf cast in brass by Milan based architect and designer Vincenzo de Cotiis, and a bench by fashion star Rick Owens.

Jermyn Street’s Aktis Gallery and Hill Street’s Robin Katz Fine Art will showcase wares from the world of modern art.

Blairman of Mount Street’s furniture pieces will again be on display, as well as Oscar Graf , newly arrived in Mount Street.


Sculptural pieces

Notable this year are individuals who are crafting highly collectible, sculptural pieces using unexpected materials.

Roman designer Achille Salvagni will present a new Murano glass collection and a new version of his iconic Spider chandelier.

“It will be the largest chandelier we have ever produced for a limited-edition run in a striking red lacquer bronze with handblown Murano glass elements.

“It will take centre-stage, elegantly stretching out over an inviting seating area,” says Salvagni.


Adrian Sassoon, based in Knightsbridge, will highlight cast metal works by Japanese born Junko Mori, hand-carved porcelain
vessels by Andrew Wicks and glass blown pieces by Denmark’s Tobias Møhl.

“What I find exciting about craft and the pieces we’re exhibiting is the innovation from brilliantly talented artists whose work is firmly rooted in knowledge of what has come before,” says Sassoon.

“To be a brilliant contemporary mind, awareness of the wonders of the past places them on a higher level.”

Andile Dyalvane, represented by Southern Guild, will present his clay-based works that reference his upbringing in South Africa and Xhosa culture.

French ceramicist Karen Swami will showcase her works that employ the Japanese technique of kintsugi.

Sarah Myerscough Gallery represents Eleanor Lakelin with her wood-turned vessels crafted as organic, decaying forms.


Collectible jewellery

Another key facet of PAD London is collectible jewellery.

Returning names, alongside new exhibitors, include Paris’s Walid Akkad, Karry Berreby and Lorenz Bäumer, as well as Geneva-based Suzanne Syz.

London’s Elisabetta Cipriani, who works with world famous artists including Ai Weiwei to create unique jewellery pieces, will also be present.

“We truly focus on what we like,” says Glenn Spiro.

He returns for another edition of the fair, showcasing his works using titanium.

“We love to travel the world to find special gems, and then use various materials and methods of settings.

“What PAD has created and brought to Mayfair is first class,” says Spiro.


More than just commerce

At its heart, PAD London is about more than just commerce.

For Adrian Sassoon, it is an opportunity to celebrate the highest level of ingenuity in design and craft.

“PAD allows us to exhibit the work of outstanding artists to an audience highly tuned to find art.

“Participating annually allows us to demonstrate with pride that our artists are continuously coming up with new ideas, objects and creativity.”

PAD London runs from September 30th to October 6th, in Berkeley Square.



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Main picture: Nacho Carbonell Big Round Chandelier 1, 2018, Courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

Other pictures from the top down:

Eleanor Lakelin, Echoes of Amphora, 2019, Courtesy of Sarah Myerscough Gallery.

Courtesy of Karry Berreby.

Le Corbusier, Still life with large carafe and lantern, 1922, Courtesy of Aktis Gallery.