Award winning chef Adam Handling shares the secrets behind three of his key dishes at his restaurant Adam Handling Chelsea.



Starter – scallop, oyster, caviar

“This dish is about flavours of the sea. The scallops are super fresh and therefore I think they taste better either as ceviche or lightly brined.

“I love the flavour but hate the texture of oysters. So for the dressing, we boil them in the shell for exactly one minute in their own salt-water juices, blend them and pass them through paper towels to get rid of any grit.

“Then we mix that with crème fraîche, which is light and acidic, so it gives an awesome creamy oyster flavour.

“And then caviar on anything is delicious!”

Main – Highland beef, ragu, blue cheese

“This Highland Wagyu is the best meat in the entire country… They get killed when they’re ready, depending on fat content and weight. They all get fed by hand, which is lovely.

“The ragu in the pot is all the bits that would normally get chucked away, which doesn’t sound so appetising, but it’s cooked slowly in a super-rich Bolognese, which tastes incredible.

“The inclusion of the pickle is my play on a burger. We brine, pickle and then ferment baby cucumbers, then we cut out tiny rounds of celeriac. The scraps we turn into a purée, which we finish with blue cheese.”


Dessert – yoghurt, sweet cicely, milk crumb

“Herbs are bloody delicious and our chefs forage around London for our wild herbs.

“For the cicely, we have someone in the South of the UK who forages for us. It’s hard to describe, but I’d say it’s like a
beautiful sweet grass.

“I don’t like super-sweet things, so I don’t do super-sweet desserts. The marigold adds a bitter element to the dish. 

“For the apple and marigold sorbet, we use the whole apples, including the skin. We thinly slice them, freeze them and then shave them, which keeps the freshness and texture.”