Local novelist Victoria Hislop has a new book out and it promises to be her most fascinating odyssey yet.

The writer, with a readership of 10 million, has set her new novel – Those Who Are Loved – in Greece.

It visits one of the darkest chapters in modern Greek history – the Nazi occupation and ensuing civil war.

“The right-wing factions collaborated with the Nazis in order to suppress the Communists.

“Files were kept on Communists well into the post-war period, and the fault lines spread down the generations,” she explains.


It’s the tale of an ordinary woman leading an extraordinary life.

“The central character is a female communist – with a small ‘c’ – named Themis, who is imprisoned on a succession of islands but who never gives up her fight for justice and for love,” says Victoria.

Victoria divides her time between an apartment she rents in Athens, a place on the Greek island of Crete and her favourite spot in London – Chelsea.

“The King’s Road always had this incredible buzz, this atmosphere. I can’t imagine living anywhere else in London now,” she says.

Victoria enjoys being able to walk around the area.

“You can walk into the West End. I walk to the London Library, which is like my office.

“Going about on foot lets me take things in,” she says.


Those Who Are Loved is out now, published in hardback by Headline.

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Main picture by Bill Waters.