Baker Dominique Ansel shares the story behind his famous pastry.


“The Cronut was something we added to the menu in Soho [New York] back in 2013 for Mother’s Day.

“We change our menus every six to eight weeks, so it was just another new addition to the menu.

“I remember someone from our team had asked about making a doughnut. I’m French, so I didn’t have any recipes for doughnuts.

“But I decided to work on something special that combined the lamination technique seen in a croissant, but in the shape of a doughnut.

“It took more than two months to develop [the recipe]. We make several hundred Cronuts fresh every morning for the shop in Belgravia.

“The process takes three days and it’s a proprietary recipe made with a laminated dough that’s first proofed, then fried in a grapeseed oil at a specific temperature, then it’s filled and glazed.

“The pastry is light and flaky with hundreds and hundreds of layers within.”

“Depending on the month, there’s a different flavour of filling inside.

“From a jam and a cream, to a ganache or custard, it really depends on the location and seasonality.

“One month it might be a rhubarb jam and custard filling in the UK, while LA’s flavour might be passionfruit and guava.

“What’s fun for us is that we’re able to take advantage of all the amazing dairy and beautiful fruits in the UK to make unique flavours that we couldn’t necessarily do elsewhere.

“Our first ever flavour was rose and vanilla, so that will always be my favourite.”

The team have each month’s Cronut flavours planned out into the autumn.

But it’s top secret!


Dominique Ansel, 17-21 Elizabeth Street

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Main picture by Thomas Schauer.
Portrait of Dominique Ansel by Evan Sung.