Immerse yourself in the colourful world of butterflies this September.


A magical butterfly biosphere is opening in Grosvenor Square from September 5-15, bringing a flutter of excitement to Mayfair.

The warm, humid atmosphere of the pop-up dome will be filled with butterflies, fragrant flowers and orange trees.

Mirrors will reflect light around the space, creating a kaleidoscopic world.

Grosvenor has partnered with Bompas & Parr, multisensory visionaries, to create this unique “lepidopterarium” free for all ages to enjoy.


Previous projects by the company have included the boating lake on the roof of Selfridges and the “world’s first” vegan hotel suite at the five-star Hilton London Bankside.

A toast to the butterfly

On arrival at the butterfly dome, visitors will be invited to take a sip of nectar and say cheers to the butterfly, the unsung hero of pollination.

The nectar will be an imagined taste of blooms that have become extinct. The aim is to show the importance of the role that butterflies play in pollinating our plants.

Each visitor will receive a pair of rainbow spectacles to enhance their view of the butterflies. They will also be invited to sit on a throne to take a selfie that makes them look like they are wearing a pair of brightly coloured wings.


A window on metamorphosis

Butterflies will be hatched in a special centrepiece. It will show how they transform from caterpillar into chrysalis before beginning their metamorphosis into a butterfly.

Visitors will also be able to see the butterfly feasting table. Here you can watch the butterflies displaying their wings while enjoying fresh fruit. 

The experience will also highlight the fact that London’s butterfly population is in serious trouble.

It has declined by a massive 76% over the past four decades.

The exhibition will show city dwellers how they can help their winged friends.

Celebrate nature in the heart of Mayfair

Harry Parr, co-founder of Bompas & Parr, said: “Butterflies are the unsung heroes of pollination.

“So it’s about time Londoners got a place to go and celebrate them by saying cheers with a glass of their favourite drink – nectar.”

Keith Bailey, Mayfair Director, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, said both locals and visitors from further afield were welcome to enjoy the biosphere to celebrate “nature and biodiversity right in the heart of Mayfair”.

The dome will be clearly visible to visitors thanks to tall, festival flags that will flutter in the wind, mirroring the flight of butterflies.

Bubbles will fill the air, drawing passersby closer to the butterfly house. 


The Butterfly Biosphere will be open from September 5-15 in Grosvenor Square. Admission is free

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